The Inspiration

In 2015, Ross and Sherry Jameson went to a skeet shoot with some friends. They had their full size Polaris Ranger Pro Fit Cab at the shoot, and great plans for a good time. While they were enjoying their outing, it began to rain. There wasn’t a dry place on the Polaris Ranger to secure their shotguns during the rain, creating a bit of a problem. Ross immediately set forward to find a solution.

When they arrived home, he went right to work, constructing a frame for a bed cover. He asked his wife, Sherry, to create the cover for the frame since she has strong experience as a marine upholster. Through some trial and error they finally created the perfect bed cover for their full size Polaris Ranger Pro Fit Cab. This was the beginning of a J-Top UTV Outfitters.

While riding locally, several people approached them about having a bed cover for the midsize Polaris Ranger Pro Fit Cab as well.  Ross and Sherry went back to the drawing board and constructed a bed cover for these as well.

Ross and Sherry have a granddaughter who rides with them in their UTV. The full size Polaris Ranger Pro Fit Cab frame behind the seats is metal and has a ‘V’ shape just above the middle seat. Sherry wanted riding to be safe for their granddaughter.  Therefore, they created the center seat headrest pad to protect their granddaughter’s head when she rode with them.

The inspirations continued when the Jameson’s considered other things like, hearing the cell phone ringing.  Hence, the center seat head rest pad with side pockets was born.  Realizing that they did not have enough storage space to carry items along with them was an issue, the cab organizer with built-in gun scabbard was produced for both the bench and console seat for full size Polaris Rangers.

The Product

The benefits of J-Top’s products range from safety to convenience and are designed for the most rugged work or play!  The cab organizers with built-in gun scabbard stores items such as guns, gloves, hats, and other things. The bed covers are great for keeping things dry inside the bed of the UTV in the most unfavorable of conditions.  Should it be raining, just riding the UTV in water or mud, or hauling it in a storm the bed cover will keep things free from water and debris.  The center seat head rest pad with side pockets offers safety from the metal frame for a third passenger and convenience of storage in the side pockets.  This is especially true when it comes to being able to hear a phone ringing while riding.

J-Top UTV Outfitters is an ecommerce business. They do not have a physical location. However, they do have a YouTube channel, Facebook page, and their website to display and demonstrate their products and the uses of them. They welcome customers to visit these sites and view the products they have thus far. They plan to expand, and already have several creative ideas in the works, so keep your eyes out for new things in the future, to add to the already amazing products they provide. The demonstration videos speak for themselves!

J-Top UTV Outfitters strives to have the best quality items at an affordable price.  The customer service experience is second to none.  Emails are answered in an extremely timely manner.  You can messenger them through Facebook for a quick response.  The phone number for the company is 270-205-8371.  Once an order is placed, it is most often shipped same day.