5 Reasons to Choose the J-Top Outfitters Bed Cover

Looking for a bed cover for your Polaris RANGER®?

Here are 5 reasons why you should choose the J-Top Outfitters Bed Cover!

1. Visibility

With this bed cover, you can see out the back over your shoulder or with your rearview mirror.

2. Spacious Design

22 inches of clearance inside bed

There is plenty of room for hauling your things in the bed. The height of this bed cover allows for more than 22 inches of clearance inside the bed of your Polaris RANGER®. With that height, you can easily fit items including hunting gear, guns, buckets, boots and such!

3. Easy to Use

Installation has never been easier with the J-Top UTV Outfitters Bed Cover! This bed cover is made to be as on-the-go as your Polaris RANGER®. Its structure was designed with angles on the sides so you can easily move your ranger through wooded and congested outdoor areas. Hauling your Polaris RANGER®? No need to remove your bed cover! It is designed to firmly connect to the bed of your Polaris RANGER® without any problems when hauling. Feel comfortable loading the bed with all your gear and hauling it down the road. The rear flap is made to be folded with the use of one hand and attaches to a Velcro strip located on the bottom side of the PVC frame so it will hold tight without causing you any trouble. This allows for access to the bed without removing the cover. Putting on and taking off your UTV bed cover is a breeze with this design.

4. Easy to Store

Bed Cover becomes the storage bag

Storing your bed cover has never been easier thanks to the compact and flexible design of the J-Top UTV Outfitters Bed Cover simple self-contained storage. The bed cover itself transforms into a carrying case that will hold the PVC frame if you want to remove the bed cover from your Polaris Ranger. The case can easily be hung up by the handles for simple storage. Making it easy to store and one less thing you have to keep track of.

5. Designed with Quality in Mind

This bed cover was made to last and designed to fit your Polaris RANGER®. It is made with a durable schedule 80 PVC frame. The material is PVC backed making it waterproof and long-lasting so you are prepared for any weather no matter what kind of outdoor elements you encounter. The PVC material is also UV protected to last you for many years to come. This bed cover is complete with stainless steel snaps and fastens that won’t rust or corrode, and is well ventilated to generate less heat compared to similar bed covers. In addition, this bed cover is designed with every detail in mind including quality zippers and stitching that won’t unravel. All in all, this bed cover is sleek, stylish and made with durable and reliable materials so you can rest assured it will protect your Polaris RANGER® bed and the contents within it. This product is built to last. Shop our Bed Covers HERE